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Cuban Salsa 1 | Beginners Course

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About Course

Above everything, this course is designed to teach you how to lead & follow correctly and how to make sure that your partner will feel comfortable dancing with you. The primary focus is to give you the correct skills and dancing foundation on which to build upon in the future, but we will of course also teach you figures and variations.

Our goal in DanceDifferent is not to create “figure monkeys” that can do a thousand moves while making the experience very uncomfortable for their partner. Our goal is to give you the right base so that your partner will be pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable and nice it is to dance with you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Proper leading & Following technique
  • Ladies styling for every figure
  • - Cuban salsa 0 - Introduction class content
  • - - Guapea
  • - - Dile que no
  • - Enchufala
  • - Vasilala
  • - Close hold
  • - Exhibala

Course Content

Introduction to this course as well as some useful information & resources.

  • Course Introduction
  • Music used in this course

Guapea | Basic Step
At the end of this section you will learn the correct steps, technique as well as some ladies styling that can be used in the basic Cuban Salsa step Guapea

Enchufala | Core Figure #1
At the end of this section you will know how to lead & follow the Enchufala figure. We will go through the steps separately, then in couples. Styling tips and common mistakes will be included.

Dile Que No
At the end of this section you will understand the Dile Que No. Unlike other core figures, Dile Que No is the "concluding" figure which all other figures and variations finish with.

Vasilala | Core Figure #3
At the end of this section you will learn how to lead & follow Vasilala. We will practice the difference in the lead between Vasilala and Enchufala as well as go through common mistakes & styling.

Closehold | Core Figure #4
At the end of this section you will know how to use Closehold. A very useful way to begin a dance when the music is slow & a great way for getting to know your partner & how they lead/follow.

Exhibala | Core Figure #5


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7 months ago
Thank you for the course! Looking forward to the next level. Really great explanation broken down step by step.
7 months ago
Great lessons for salsa basics. Really enjoyed the lady styling additions to each lesson.