Cuban Salsa 1 | Beginners Course


A Complete Cuban Salsa Course for Absolute Beginners | Step by Step Instruction, Common Mistakes, Ladies Styling & More



This Cuban Salsa 1 Course includes the Cuban Salsa 0 | Introduction Class as part of this course.

This Beginners Cuban Salsa (Casino) course comes with 8 lessons where you will learn much more than just dance steps and moves. It aims to provide you with a strong foundation in leading and following, which is essential for for becoming a good social dancer. Our focus is on helping you become a skilled dancer who can make their partner feel comfortable and at ease while dancing together.

DanceDifferent’s approach to teaching dance is not about creating “figure monkeys” who can perform a multitude of moves but leave their partners feeling uncomfortable. Instead, the emphasis is on creating a positive experience for both partners. By mastering the fundamental skills, students will be able to surprise their partners with how comfortable and enjoyable it is to dance with them.

The instructors at DanceDifferent understand that dancing is not just about executing a set of moves. It’s about creating a connection between partners and expressing oneself through movement. Thus, the course goes beyond teaching dance figures and combinations, but also includes instruction on various styling techniques to help students express themselves creatively while dancing.

So, if you’re looking to learn how to dance in a way that is both technically correct and enjoyable for both partners, this DanceDifferent beginners course is the perfect fit for you!


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