Course Content
A quick summary of what you can expect in this Introduction Class
A quick warmup to get you in the Bachata Sensual mood.
Bachata Basic Step
Here we will learn the basic Bachata steps, both by yourself and in couples.
Inside Turns
Here you will learn the basic inside turns for men & women.
Direction Changes
Here you will learn one of the most important things about Bachata. The frame. More specifically how to have a strong & active frame which will allow you to lead & follow clearly.
Some final remarks & invitation to join our classes.
Bachata 0 | Introduction class
About Lesson

Welcome to this Bachata 0 | Introduction lesson. This lesson is for anyone who would like to join our regular DanceDifferent Bachata 1 group lessons in Prague, or for anyone who would simply like to get a feeling for what Bachata is and looks like. 

If you wish to join our group lessons after this introduction. Email us to schedule a free 15 min consultation with us in the studio, where we will go over what you’ve learnt in this lesson, give you some feedback and welcome you to our group Bachata 1 lessons.

⚠️ The free consultation can be done right before the Bachata 1 group lesson. 

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